Hangry [hang-gree]


1. Expressing or feeling anger borne of hunger: I was so hangry that I thought I'd soon transform into The Little Shop of Horrors' Audrey II.

Bird [burd]

1. A warm-blooded, feathered and winged creature of the Aves class
2. A young woman, c.1300 [UK Slang; familiar and potentially disparaging term; no physical correlation with the avian sort]: I saw Gav's bird in the bookies.

Hangry Birds [hang-gree burdz]


1.Two friends who, after realising that the bulk of their conversations revolved around food, decided that in order to break this vapid cycle of verbal vomit, they should share it with other interested parties. They also happened to be very hangry people, with some decent culinary skills and phone cameras.

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