Thursday, 27 December 2012

The postmodern in a fruit

So! The festivities are over, and I've been packing in the airmiles with my latest purchase. My inherent anti-winter attitude has taken my tastebuds to Mexico, home to the dragonfruit.


Exciting huh? Well, never judge a book by its cover. I've sometimes wondered why dragonfruit aren't a more popular fruit, and now its clear. They are about as bland as a fruit can get! And no, I don't have a cold. 
"The mild, delicate taste of pear, melon or kiwi". Lets not beat around the bush. If I tried to describe the 'essence' of the fruit, it'd be eau de...eau.

Dragonfruit inside

People have made stunning looking desserts with dragonfruit (check out Peng's Kitchen's Dragonfruit Mooncake), and its blandness lends itself well to other savoury dishes (thai salads, for example). Its also rich in antioxidants and is a natural laxative.

But I am not a convert. I'm sorry, but the health freaks, shampoo companies and constipated purists can keep their blessed dragonfruit. At £2 a pop I genuinely don't see the merit in buying a fruit simply for its looks. The dragonfruit is art with a sell-by date. If I want to buy something pretty I'll take a trip to IKEA.

The dragonfruit is style over substance, surface over depth, in essence the ultimate postmodern fruit.

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